NIR 1.7 microspectrometer

Monolithic microspectrometer (OEM) for spectral sensing applications

Product features:

  • no moving parts
  • excellent mechanical, optical and thermal stability
  • unsurpassed price / performance ratio
  • small dimensions
  • easy and flexible handling

A new generation of NIR-Systems by INSION GmbH. A high grade of robustness due to an improved monolithic design, brilliant optical characteristics as well as the small dimensions open up possibilities in various new and also common

They are ideal for the use in alnalytic and diagnostic handheld devices and highly cost efficient because of the excellent inter instrument agreement. Typical applications range from instrumental analysis, biological and clinical systems to material identificati on and analysis of agricultural and nutrition products.

Technical Data | NIR 1.7 microspectrometer

Entrance Fiber300/330μm; NA = 0,22; low OH-
Entrance Slit60μm x 300μm
Spectral Resulution [ΔλFWHM]< 16nm
Spectral Range (specified)900 - 1700nm
Integration Time2 - 40.000ms
Trigger In-/OutputTTL signal (e.g. to control lamps, shutter, flash lights), synchronized with measurement, adjustable delay, TTL user bit
Sensitivity at 1200 and 1500nm (with 16 bit ADC)> 100 E12 cts x nm/Ws
Signal to Noise Ratio (with 16 bit ADC)≥ 5.000 at TINTEGRATION=2ms
Detector ArrayInGaAs, 128 elements
Digital Resolution16 bit
Detector Temperature RegulationMin. Temp = 5K below ambient temperature
Max. Temp = 40°C
Tolerance = ±0,03°C
Dimensions (LxWxH)61 x 43 x 14,9mm108 x 76,6 x 21,5mm114,6 x 85 x 48,5mm
Fiber Length450mm; +50/-0mm  
Fiber Length/FinishingSMA*  
AccessoriesProduct ManualProduct Manual,
Software SPECview,
Interface DLL
Product Manual, Power Supply, USB cable,
Software SPECview, Interface DLL, Housing
Power Requirements5V5V (+0,2V/-0V;
Egston Power Supply 6V/2A (included)
Peak Power Consumption7,5W7,5W9W

Technical data may be changed without notice
State: March 2012
*Customizing on request