INSION application references.

INSION customers benefit from the high performance of our microspectrometers in various application fields:

It is integrated in devices, that are approved by the FDA, ranging from medical diagnostics in typical in-vitro assays, clinical analyzers, to point-of-care applications, innovative reagentless hand-held blood analyzers or trans-dermal spectral analyzers.

INSION spectrometers are the basis for detection systems in the field of food processing, pharmaceutical production, chemical process control and sorting machines as well as for invisible security markers or for detecting hazardous substances.

Other applications are established in the fields of analytical instrumentation, elemental and environmental analysis as well as colorimetry.

The use of the microspectrometer allows for an amazingly small sampling and detection system at the point of interest. This strategy is minimizing typical sampling errors, like for example the change of the sample constitution between sampling and off-line analytical investigation. Thus, the microspectrometer grants enhanced specificity and sensitivity.

In addition to significant functional advantages, these applications in decentralized analytics and diagnostics deliver immediate results at minimum cost-per-test.

BiliChek® by Philips

Mobile analysis equipment for non-invasive measurement of newborn jaundice. The instrument yields rapid, accurate results regardless of skin pigmentation. The measurement is taken by purely optical means through the baby’s skin. No blood samples are required. Clinically tested, FDA approved.

IdentaColor II® by IDENTA

The measuring device enables precise determination of the individual tooth shade. It involves complex, translucent measurements independently of the environmental conditions.

DC3000TM by
Sarin Technologies

Portable colorimeter for the exact quality determination of diamonds.

HemoNIRTM by
NIRscience Corp.

Compact, battery-powered handheld device for measuring Total-Hb, Met-Hb and Carboxy-Hb and other blood parameters from a sample of less than 10 μl. Use of the spectrometer enables a purely optical measurement to be performed without adding any reagents.

SUPER ID clinchem by
Dr. Müller Gerätebau GmbH

SUPER ID clinchem is providing laboratory grade test results in a POCT device for state of the art in-vitro diagnostic tests.

X-One by NIR-Online GmbH

The NIR microspectrometer is used to measure quality-determining factors, for example in food and pharmaceutical industries.