UV/VIS microspectrometer

Monolithic microspectrometer (OEM) for spectral sensing applications

Product features:

  • no moving parts
  • excellent mechanical, optical and thermal stability
  • unsurpassed price / performance ratio
  • small dimensions
  • easy and flexible handling

Excellent optical performance characteristics and inter instrument agreement due to a microinjection molded hollow
cavity waveguide design. The use of a state-of-the-art photo detector facilitates the precise measurement in the UV/VIS range for hand held devices as well as for in-line process sensors.

Typical applications range from instrumental analysis, biological and clinical systems to colorimeters, food inspection systems and fluorescence measuring devices.

Technical Data | UV/VIS microspectrometer

Entrance Fiber300/330μm; NA = 0,22
Entrance Slit50μm x 300μm
Reproducibility≤ 0,1nm
Spectral Range (specified)350 - 850nm
Spectral Range in 1st diffr. order (accessible)330 - 1050nm
Blaze Wavelength420nm
Thermal Wavelength Stability< 0,05nm/K
Spectral Resulution [ΔλFWHM]< 10 (typ. 8,5)nm
Operating Temperature0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +60°C
Peak Sensitivity at Wavelength540nm
Sensitivity at 650nm (with 16 bit ADC)> 65 (typ.110) E12 cts x nm/Ws
Signal to Noise Ratio (with 16 bit ADC)≥ 5000 at TINTEGRATION=2ms
Detector ArrayHamamatsu S8378-256N24
Video Output Range [V]0 to 2,4V
Dimensions (LxWxH)54 x 32 x 9,5mm67 x 36 x 22mm165 x 60 x 36mm
Fiber Length/Finishing450mm; +50/-
0mm; SMA*
450mm; +50/-
0mm; SMA*
Fiberoptics can be connected via SMA
InterfacesDIL22UART / USB2.0USB2.0
AccessoriesProduct ManualProduct Manual,
Interface DLL
Product Manual, Power Supply, USB cable,
TTL-trigger (alternatively on request: integrated
miniature light source, 2500K), Software
SPECview, Interface DLL, Housing
Power Requirements5V; typ. 25mWUSB powered or
5V (+0,2V/-0V;
ripple ±25mV)
Power Supply Egston MAINY or equivalent
9V/670mA (included)

Technical data may be changed without notice
State: March 2012
*Customizing on request