The micro spectrometer from INSION is a monolithic grating based system in the Rowland optical configuration leveraged from powerful LIGA technology.


UV_VIS Spectrometer System

Stability and Robustness are our core features. Proven in hundreds of successful applications based on INSION's technology.

Business model


We innovate together with our customers in the development and production of dedicated spectral analyzers based on our core technology.


Application Food

Our products are in widespread use in medical diagnostic, process analytical technologies(PAT), safety technologies and colorimetry.

News and Events

Invitation to COMPAMED 2023

The medical industry is heading towards the future and it is more networked than ever before. Demand is high for intelligent development and production partnerships. Visit COMPAMED 2023 to find out what exciting solutions these can yield. Take a look at the latest developments in medical & life sciences, in-vitro diagnostics & analytics, laboratory and laser technology, and lighting technology. We have the answers to help you tackle current challenges.

Please visit us and our partner WILD by Compamed.

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June 27–30, Messe München

We will share our attractive new products.

Microspectrometers aMSM

INSION Microspectrometers are designed for battery powered handheld devices for in line process sensors as well as for benchtop devices. Customized OEMs are tailored in collaboration with our customers to obtain and process spectral UV/VIS, NIR, fluorescence, and SERS data within the customer’s device.

Outstanding sensor features derive from INSIONs micro-moulded monolithic spectral sensor system comprising all components of the optical path within one part. Our Microspectrometers provide the best in class inter-instrument agreement and transferable calibrations avoiding the need for time-consuming adjusting and calibration steps.

INSION has high-volume production capabilities. Cost-effective fabrication in combination with small dimensions pave the way for various spectral sensing applications in business fields like biological and medical diagnostics, instrumental analysis, process control, environmental monitoring, analysis of agricultural and nutrition products, safety, metrology and gemology.



Please visit us on Analytica2024, Hall A2/511, April 09–12, 2024, Messe München, Germany.



Please visit us on Compamed/Medica, Booth 8AJ19, 13 - 16 November 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany