Your request: Our mission.

Are you looking for medical grade reliability, accuracy, miniaturization and robustness going along with attractive cost structures comprising both, acquisition expenses and ongoing costs? INSION’s one-chip microspectrometers enable you to offer your customers more than standardized lab ware.

Starting at the core of things, our design philosophy is handling the customer’s entire optical signal path ingeniously matched to our products and technologies. Which either means reducing the approach to a single integrative solution with all functional elements being integrated into one chip.
Or creating a setup that combines already existing microspectrometer concepts with a semi-integrated solution.

Our monolithic spectrometer design combining micro-injection-molding replication processes, highend PVD and optical assembly processes serves as the basis for innovative products in the fields of:

  • decentralized medical diagnostics and analytics
  • process sensors
  • analytical instrumentation for harsh environments