Product Development

INSION`s Exclusive Customer Application Status:

INSION as optical system provider for OEM industry the INSION core team holds abundant experience in the field of application development. Our customers benefit from our knowledge of over 200 different successful OEM applications on the market.

We offer solutions for the complete sample centered optical signal path design including light source, free-space or fiber optical sampling optics. We deliver hardware and software development, design and production services starting with basic design work, feasibility studies and consulting for the final product of our customer‘s throughput production processes and life cycle management.

As an application development service INSION offers also support for spectral analysis and chemometrics.

Product strategy:

1. Bringing the sensor to the sample to 

  • avoid or reduce sampling errors
  • avoid interfaces in the optical signal path
  • to deliver analytical data immediately / on line
  • to avoid complexity and cost drivers

2. To gain opical sensitivity and specificity

3. This requires spectral sensors with excellent 

  • stability and robustness against harsh environmental conditions
  • inter-instrument agreement to transfer calibrations
  • no need for a periodical re-calibration

4. Application tailored sensor solutions