INSION offers solutions for the complete sample centered optical signal path design, including light source, free-space or fiber optical sampling optics. We deliver design and production services starting with basic design work, feasibility studies and consulting for the final product of our customers' throughput production processes and life cycle management.
We develop and produce spectral sensors which can be tailored to specific application requests. We produce not only the micro spectrometer, we can also supply and configure the light source and the optical sampling system. Optionally, the sensor can be equipped with an OEM electronics platform for system control and data processing. All components combine outstanding technical properties with regard to quality, application, handling and system integration.

Design Features
  1. Monolithic design
  2. Injection molding
  3. Stable metal coating on polymer
Resulting Properties
  1. Throughput Stability: Hollow waveguide design
  2. Wavelength Stability: Monolithic Rowland design ensures stable illumination and diffraction angles over a broad temperature range
  3. Inter-instrument agreement: Injection molding replication process