INSION customers benefit from the high performance of our micro spectrometers in various application fields:

It is integrated in FDA approved medical diagnostics devices using classical in-vitro assays, innovative reagentless approaches down the road to trans-dermal spectral analyzers. Device concepts are including clinical laboratory analyzers, mobile point of care devices and miniaturized hand held devices.

INSION - Applications Hexagon

INSION spectrometers are the basis of on-line detection systems in the field of food processing, pharmaceutical production, chemical process control and sorting machines as well as for invisible security markers or for detecting hazardous substances.

Other applications are established in the fields of analytical instrumentation, elemental and environmental analysis, and water analysis as well as colorimetry and irradiance measurements.

The use of the micro spectrometer allows for an amazingly small sampling and detection system at the point of interest. This strategy is minimizing typical sampling errors, like for example the change of the sample constitution between sampling and off-line analytical investigation. Thus, the micro spectrometer grants enhanced specificity and sensitivity.

In addition to significant functional advantages, these applications for decentralized analytics and diagnostics deliver immediate results at minimum cost-per-test.