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Minimal manufacturing tolerances grant a high reproducibility and an excellent inter instrument conformity. This allows customers to transfer calibration data to the entire series of final devices and to reduce manufacturing costs significantly.

Starting with conceptual work and feasibility studies down the road to the final product of our customers including production processes and life cycle management we deliver design- and production services.

The micro spectrometer has proven to be excellent, particularly for applications in medical diagnostic equipment and in point-of-care instruments.

The precise, robust, small and cost efficient UV/VIS- and NIR-micro spectrometer (MSM) is an ideal choice to enhance sensitivity and specificity in diagnostic equipment and for decentralized process-analytical devices.

The standard versions of the micro spectrometers are designed to fit into process sensors, hand-held and tabletop instruments with applications in medical diagnostics, analytical and process instrumentation and color analysis.

The product design of the microspectrometer and the use of high graded polymer materials guarantees for an excellent stability and insensitivity against environmental effects such as to mechanical shock and vibration or large temperature shifts of up to 100 K.