Health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers is our top priority. We have taken appropriate protective measures, to minimize the risk of spreading acute respiratory diseases. Specific processes we have installed include disinfection, enlarged workspaces, expanded shift operation and home office where possible.

The manufacturing and warehouse processes are running as scheduled. We and our supply chain communicate to keep our production and delivery stable. We are paying attention to the situation regarding the current COVID-19 situation and send the update for our customers.

To manage growing demands for our spectral sensor solutions, we are grateful to announce the move to our new place of business at:

Dimbacher Strasse 6
74182 Obersulm

The move will be completed by October 1st 2020. We look forward to serve our customers from our new location in the known medical grade product- and service quality.

Raspberry SPEGG integrates light source, micro spectrometer, operating system and touch screen. It can be used as the basis for designing handheld inspection system.

Wavelength range: 330 - 1050 nm
Resolution: 10 nm FWHM
Sensitivity: 5 E15 cts x nm/Ws @ 650 nm

  1. The stability and robustness of our product exhibited by our monolithic design is felicitous explicitly for handheld devices and harsh environments.
  2. Inter instrument agreement and transferability of calibrations to save production cost for OEM customers
  3. Small, lightweight, low power consumption
  4. No periodical re-calibration necessary
  5. Attractive prices in OEM qty’s

The problem-centered construction of the optical signal chain up to the analytical result is competently built.

  1. Improved signal to noise
  2. Necessary spectral resolution
  3. Enhanced wavelength regions