The world of microoptics – integrated on a single chip.

INSION focuses on microspectrometers and spectral sensors which integrate all optical elements on a single micro-molded chip.

We develop and produce spectral sensors which are tailored to specific application requests. Our products include the light source, the optical sampling system and the microspectrometer as detection system. Optionally, the sensor can be equipped with an OEM electronics platform for system control and data processing. All components combine outstanding technical properties with regard to quality, application, handling and system integration.


All INSION products and processes are developed and established in accordance with the rules and regulations of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

The INSION microspectrometer.

INSION´s microspectrometer products are based on a self-focusing Echellette diffraction grating in the Rowland configuration. All functional elements of the microspectrometer – entrance slit, reflective grating, deflecting mirror and light traps – are monolithically integrated into a single chip. The microspectrometer chip itself, lid and enclosure are manufactured to be highly effi cent and homogeneously reproduced by using micro injecti on molding technology.

Depending on the application and the specific wavelength range the INSION microspectrometers are equipped with a low noise CMOS, a highly sensitive CCD or a temperature controlled InGaAs line scan detector array.

The INSION standard products are currently working in the wavelength range between 300 nm and 1700 nm. They are available as fiber-connected OEM microspectrometer modules or as OEM systems, including an electronics platf orm for control and data preprocessing. Customer specific products are already working outside of our standard product wavelength boundaries.