Services and competences.

In the field of application development the INSION team has a background of more than 15 years in business and provides profound expertise. Typically, a new product development for an OEM customer starts with an analysis phase including a conceptual preparation of the measurement task based on our technology, generating a basic product concept and a preliminary product design. This study will be followed by a product development phase delivering prototype units and a production set-up phase to achieve pilot serial status. Our milestone project set-up assures performance validation of technical and economic parameters and provides a sound basis for the regulatory approval of our customers’ final products.

Our product platform is based on the LIGA-microtechnology and has its roots at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). This core technology generates sophisticated mold inserts for the production of injection molded microstructures at large quantities with consistent quality. INSION cooperates with KIT’s Institute of Microtechnology in the fields of technology and product design.

Through INSION’s “one team” approach, which stands for the close collaboration of our team with the development engineers and application specialists of our OEM customers, we are speeding up time-to-market and development efficiency.